An Italian smart T-shirt developer is opening a data analysis center in Tel Aviv, bringing in a team of Israeli experts in data science, deep learning and machine learning. 

AccYouRate’s smart t-shirt monitors your EKG, heart rate, breathing pattern, body temperature, movement, location, and body position through sensors embedded in the fabric of the cotton-based T-shirt. 

The washable shirt connects to a biomedical AI-software platform that collects, analyzes, and transports the data to the wearer’s smartphone or watch. 

The company appointed Israeli entrepreneur Dr. Amir Toren, already a board member and executive director of the company, to head the center.

The Israeli team will work to further the development of the shirt’s personalized healthcare strategies, proactive health-related alerts, and medical interventions. 

“The establishment of AccYouRate AI signifies our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through advanced data analytics and AI. We are determined to unlock valuable insights that will shape the future of healthcare and improve the lives of individuals worldwide,” said Toren. 

“By expanding our capabilities, we aim to introduce attractively designed, comfortable, and functional wearables, monitoring vital body signs through proprietary algorithms and presenting insights via user-friendly dashboards.”

The shirt’s technology can be printed on any fabric and will be expanding to more textile products, including gloves, shoe insoles, headbands and masks.

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