Ralphie, the “fire-breathing demon" dog, has been adopted for a fourth time, a Niagara animal shelter said. The French bulldog shot into the limelight after being described as a “fire-breathing demon" dog by a New York animal shelter. 

The Niagara SPCA informed Friday that it received over 700 applicants for the seemingly "unadoptable" dog.  A man named Jason, a professional dog trainer for the Department of Energy in Tennessee, was finally chosen to take Ralphie home. Jason also has another French bulldog, a Dachshund, and a German shepherd. 

While the shelter originally thought that Ralphie shouldn't be around other dogs, it says that Ralphie has gotten over his reactivity after being trained for six weeks. Besides, the SPCA says two of Jason's dogs also had bite histories before joining the household, just like Ralphie, making him the perfect choice.

Jason will “provide him with structure, and give him an outlet for all that Frenchie energy,” wrote the shelter. “He dedicates his life to dogs and that’s what makes him a perfect match for Ralphie.”

Earlier, Ralphie shot to headlines after an animal shelter posted an ad for adoption, calling him "a fire-breathing demon" and "a terror in a somewhat small package." He was soon adopted for a third time but was sent back as he "proved to be more" than his adopter could handle. Ralphie was then sent for a rigorous six-week boarding and training program. 

Jason has already made a Facebook and an Instagram page for Ralphie to let his lovers follow his journey in his new home. He has also posted several updates on life with Ralphie.

“We wish our tiny, reformed terror all the best and we look forward to hearing about all of his adventures,” wrote the shelter in its Facebook post.

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