Project Slayer

Project Slayers is a brand-new anime-themed adventure game that has brought Roblox by storm. Ouw0pp and a small team developed it, and it's based on the Demon Slayer series by Koyoharu Gotouge. The map is pretty enormous, with a fast-travel system put in place to make it easier to get around; there is a mixture of weapons, like a Lightning Katana and Demon Weapons, and loads of other breaths, like Water and Thunder breathing, as well as a clan system that dictates your kind of play. The game has finally been released after its development in 2020.

Project Slayer Clan Tier list

We listed the clan tier list of the project slayers below

Sl.No S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier D-Tier
1 Agatsuma Kocho Haganezuka Kaneki Bakugo
2 Kamado Shinazugawa Kanamori Nakahara Toka
3 Tomioka _ Kanzaki Takada Izuku
4 _ _ Ubuyashiki Terauchi Mori
5 _ _ Urokodaki _ Sakurai
6 _ _ _ _ Fujiwara
7 _ _ _ _ Saito
8 _ _ _ _ Fukuda
9 _ _ _ _ Ando
10 _ _ _ _ Ishida
11 _ _ _ _ Todoroki
12 _ _ _ _ Suzuki
13 _ _ _ _ Onishi
14 _ _ _ _ Hashimoto

Best Clans In Project Slayer  

These are the Tier List. Here S-Tier is the best clan you get in Project slayers. Next is the A-Tier list, which is legendary, then the B-Tier list, which is rare; the C-Tier list, which is Uncommon; and the D-Tier list, which is common.

Supreme Project Slayer Clan

1.  Agatsuma- As you can see,  Agatsuma belongs to the S-Tier list. It is from the supreme clan with only a 0.1% chance of picking up the role. It has godspeed mode and dominates will clan skill delays down breathing, and motion rate of those near you gets frailer the higher lvl the victim is and can be compensated by another dominate will, Enhanced Speed, +30 Health if there is a kamado in your party, +2 strength, +110 Stamina, +120 Health, +1 Sword, 1+ Block Point,

2. Kamado- Kamado is also from the supreme clan, which has only a 0.1% chance. +3 Strength, +125 Stamina, +140 Health, +3 Sword, +3 Weapons, +3 Block Bar, Rapid breathing bar resurrection, Pain antagonism, Enhanced Speed, Indominate will clan skill, delays down breathing and motion rate of those near you, gets frailer the higher lvl the victim is and can be compensated by another dominate will, Can see other's item HP, HP regeneration skill (Demons Only), x2 Stamina regeneration (Demons Only), Sunlight Immunity (Demons Only), access to sun breathing (when it is added)

Mythic Project Slayer Clan

3. Tomioka- It is the only one from the mythic clan that belongs to the S-Tier list. Tomioka has a 1% chance. Its power is +3 strength, +2 sword, +1 weapon, +90 stamina, +100 health, +2 block points, dominate will clan skill, delays down breathing and motion rate of those near you, gets frailer the higher lvl the victim is, and can be compensated by another dominate will and ache antagonism.

Legendary Project Slayer Clan

1. Kocho-  Kocho is from the legendary clan with a 4% chance. Its power includes +1 Strength, +1 Sword, +100 Stamina, +110 Health, double jump, enhanced rate, and poison/venom exemption. Kocho accidentally has a grown markup on sell expenses. Also, the demon soul or something when a slayer dies is toxic.

2. Shinazugawa-  It is also from the legendary clan and has a 4% chance. Its power includes +5% Faster HP Regeneration, Poisonous blood, +30 Stamina, +2 Strength, +1 Weapons, +.3% Item HP, +50 Health, +1Block bar, Pain resistance, Party Buff with Himajime or Tokito 10% strength buff and+5% faster stamina regeneration.

Rare Project Slayer Clan

1. Haganezuka- It is from the rare clan and has a 12% chance. Haganezuka has the capabilities to see other sword/claws HP, + 2 sword damage, + 20% wen on objects vended

2.  Kanamori-  Kanamori is also from the rare clan with a 12% chance.+30 on all weapons' durability 50% Discount on Sword Repairs. 

3. Kanzaki-  Kanzaki is a rare clan with a 12% chance. Here, Users can subsist quickly when HP is less than 50%. If you partied with a Kanzaki, there is a 10% Lessening to Water Breathing action used against you.

4. Ubuyashiki- Ubuyashiki is a rare clan with a 12% chance. +20 Stamina, +2 Strength, Double Exp/WEN in butterfly mansion, Party buff: 0.3 exp with Ubuyashiki.

5.  Urukadoki- This belongs to a rare clan and has a 12% chance. When debauched with 3+ people, 0.2x exp for all; when wearing a mask, you get a slight buff

Uncommon Project Slayer Clan 

1. Kaneki

2. Nakahara

3. Takada

4. Terauchi

Common Project Slayer Clan 

1. Ando

2. Bakugo

3. Toka

4. Izuku

5. Fujiwara

6. Sakurai

7. Haruno

8. Todoroki

9. Suzuki

10. Fukuda

11. Onishi

12. Saito

13. Hashimoto

14. Mori

15. Toka

16. Kurosaki

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