MasterDrive launched its Hi-Performance training in South Africa.

The training teaches drivers how to operate high-performance vehicles in all road conditions.

The MasterDrive team offers their services to all corners of South Africa.

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MasterDrive is no stranger to road safety in South Africa, and the Body is continuously looking at ways to get the message across to local motorists. In their latest venture, MasterDrive launched its Hi-Performance training in South Africa, whereby owners of high-performance cars and those looking to improve their skills behind the wheel can sign up for an experience that should see them come away better than before.

Launching the new arm at its Cape Town office at Killarney International Raceway, the team had two of its Ford Mustangs in attendance, both fitted with the 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine, but with the six-speed manual and 10-speed automatic transmission each.

But Cape Town being Cape Town, the rain came down over the track, making it near impossible to put in the ‘perfect lap’. Still, the instructors extracted as much performance as possible from the ‘Stangs and put in stellar performances around the 3.2km track. Ford’s ponies roared down the main straight, leaving a spray of water in their wake. Ah, nothing like the sound of a V8 running at full tilt.

Take control of your steed

Riding shotgun with head instructor Gino Nourse, MasterDrive Coastal Brand Manager: Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, we quickly got talking about more than just the car. According to Nourse, the Hi-Performance training is not just about driving a performance car around a racetrack, but preparing the owner for the unpredictable nature of a performance car and handling it in any condition.

“MasterDrive has always been about road safety, and the Hi-Performance training is another facet of it,” Nourse says while navigating the Mustang around the track. “Understanding a performance car is about more than just putting foot and chasing the horizon. It’s about managing the car in conditions outside of our comfort zones and being in full control of a car with such power.”

The MasterDrive team will give high-performance training across South Africa and encourage owners and privateers to contact them. Nonetheless, those who do not have a performance car but want the training can contact MasterDrive. The Body will avail either one or both of its Mustangs. At the successful completion of the training, attendees will receive certified recognition.

In addition to the Hi-Performance training, MasterDrive also offers Defensive Driver Training: Passenger vehicles, Defensive off-road and 4×4 training, and Collision avoidance and skid control. For the complete list of training programs, click here.

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