Aussie Industrial Titans, Our Last Enemy will release their new EP As Within So Without on August 18. 

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Today, the band have release the second single from the EP, the pummelling Still Breathing featuring long time friend of the band and deathcore royalty, CJ McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder.

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Still Breathing shows Our Last Enemy leaning into their never ending pool of industrial heavy grooves that are blended with death metal elements and topped with horror movie-esque tinges.

As the bands guitarist Wade Norris perfectly summarises; Drawing inspiration from our own trials and tribulations, Still Breathing delves deep into the human experience, traversing into the depths of despair and emerging triumphant. It echoes the struggles we all face, inviting our fans to embrace their inner strength and forge ahead despite adversity’s relentless grip.”

The band comment: “We love all kinds of extreme metal and have always incorporated elements from those genres in our songwriting, while always trying to keep our signature vibe at the core. We certainly swing more to the death side of things with this track, especially with the help of our old friend CJ and his iconic pipes.”

Frontman Oli Fogwell adds; “Reconnecting with my good friend Chris was an awesome experience, it was like we had come full circle. We used to hang out everyday back when we started our first bands, and I even did a guest track on his first bands record. To now work together again after heading out on our separate journeys was really special, not just professionally but personally.”

As Within So Without is the final piece of the puzzle and follow up to 2021’s As Above So Below which received rave 10/10 reviews and hit 26 on the Aria independent charts, bringing an epic story to its thematic conclusion.

Both releases were produced by two-time ARIA nominee DW Norton and feature the legendary John Sankey (Fear Factory, Divine Heresy) on drums.

Earlier this year the band revealed the new EP’s first single Slay For Me

Fogwell comments; “These two records were written and recorded during a tumultuous time for both the band and the world, and that frustration and pain we were experiencing is evident in the sound. Underneath all that the band’s mantra of perseverance and strength still underpins it all … we’re STILL BREATHING!”

As Within So Without tracklisting:
Hex Design
Bless The Fall
Still Breathing
Slay For Me
Ad Undas

As Within So Without will be released on August 18

Pre orders are available now! 

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