Drugs have been on a great trend since now, most people are consuming drugs because they are just tired of their daily life and want to change their life. Some of the people take drugs to overcome their problems such as weight loss, cough, diarrhea, etc. Getting a drug addiction may lead to serious problems that cause damage to millions of people. An estimation of 27 million people has a drug addiction and only a few of them get cured. Overdosing of those drugs’ made for treatment made also leads to serious problems and can harm your body a lot.

Drugs such as Wegovy, opioids, penicillin, etc. are very helpful for the body but overdosing on these drugs can lead to heart disease, neurological disorders, etc. Nowadays, the number of teens consuming drugs has increased, due to depression, emotional neglect, abuse, etc.

The opioid drug came from a plant name “Papaver somniferous”, this plant is taken to the laboratory, and through the different processes, the drug is made. This drug is not an as harmful drug like other drugs, opioid drugs include oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, and many others. This drug is mainly used for pain reduction. In the 19 century, scientists found out that morphine one of its chemical compounds was isolated for medical use, its chemical components are called opiates. With the use of these chemical components, the drugs created synthetic substances including Heroin, Hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc.  These compounds are known as opioids which are highly effective against pain.

In the 1980s opioid medication was marketed aggressively but actively making down the value of their main potential because of heavy marketing people were consuming a high amount of opioids which made its value low from then opioids addiction began a opioid crisis is continued today.

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From the first dose to repeated use and what happens when long-term use stops? Opioids affect the body’s opioids system by affecting the receptors, the pain relief in the body are done by endorphin when it binds with the receptors and the opioids drugs’ effect is more stronger than endorphin which can make you free from severe pains. Opioid drugs put an end to the release of noradrenaline which influences digestion, blood pressure breathing, and wakefulness, a normal dose can decrease noradrenaline enough to cause side effects but when at higher doses of opioids can decrease noradrenaline at a higher rate which can increase heart rates and breathing rates at a higher level which can cause you to death. Over time, the body tries to decrease its opioids receptors or it may become less responsive, as it becomes less effective people take larger doses of opioids when tend to decrease noradrenaline at a fast rate to perfume the basic body function properly, the body increases the consumption of noradrenaline by increasing its number of noradrenaline receptors. This depends on opioids to maintain the new noradrenaline balance. When people with daily consumption of opioids stop taking them, which tends to increase noradrenaline levels and disrupt the balance of noradrenaline earlier. This overconsumption of noradrenaline causes muscle ache, stomach pain, vomiting, etc. Though opioids withdrawal can make people ill for many days and weeks.  When people again start taking opioids lately they can be at high risk for overdose. Overdose can lead to the direct death of people in most cases.


With the increasing deaths of people day by day, scientists have discovered that Narcan can save people from an overdose of opioids. The number of opioids death has increased by over 500% since earlier.

Naloxone is an opioid overdose reversal medicine that comes in nasal spray or injectable form. An opioid overdose happens when opioids have completely blocked the opioid receptors in the brain, causing breathing to decrease and eventually halt. Naloxone acts by removing opioids from the receptors in the brain where they are acting and preventing them from returning. Breathing will return to normal if enough naloxone has been provided, saving the person from death. Overdosing is a risk for anybody who uses opioids, whether recreationally or for medical reasons. Having naloxone on hand does not encourage reckless drug use, but it does mean that someone who has overdosed has a better chance of surviving and finally receiving care.

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