A police officer saves a toddler, a 1-year-old to be exact, who stopped breathing and was having seizures in a parking lot.

Senior Corporal Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez, a police officer in Dallas, has been an officer for 24 years. But during those years, it was his first time doing CPR to save a boy.

The story started when Sergio just randomly went to McDonald’s to treat his K9 buddy named Goro to some chicken nuggets. It was January 10, and the training was hectic, so he wanted to give both himself and Goro a break from a long and tiring day.

But what awaited him wasn’t a treat. Instead, it was like God set him up to save a child who stopped breathing and a mother desperate for help.

An Officer Saves a Toddler

Just as he was about to park, someone caught Sergio’s attention.

“A female came around the corner, holding a child on her shoulder, and she was yelling and screaming to get her child to the hospital because he was not breathing,” he recalled.

He then immediately performed CPR on the boy, even while telling the mother that everything was going to be okay after rapidly assessing the emergency scene.

It was his first time doing CPR in a real-life emergency.

The risk was worth it when moments later, the boy started breathing and blinking again! It can be seen in the video that Sergio reassured the mother that the boy would be fine. Not long after, an ambulance came and brought the child to a nearby hospital. It was then confirmed later that both mother and son were okay.


Divine Intervention

During an interview, Sergio shared that he doesn’t normally get Goro nuggets, but that night was different.

“It’s a cliché, you know? Just here at the right time. I believe that God put me here that night for a reason,” he said.

His story was similar to Hagar’s story in the Bible, when she pleaded with God to save her and her child. And God sent an angel to miraculously save them.

It turns out that God sends humans, too. An officer saves a toddler even though he just wanted chicken nuggets for his dog.

Reference: FaithPot

Header image: Sergio Perez and Goro [@Dallas Police Dept]. Twitter, 19 January 2023, twitter.com/DallasPD/status/1615810713695490080/photo/1

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