GREENTEG'S CORE body temperature monitor and QUS sensors in clothing work in partnership to capture precise vital data.

The Austrian company QUS Body Connected is specialised in smart technologies which capture the most precise vital data and provide intelligent body data services through the QUS Body Data Platform. Data like heart rate and respiration rate will be measured due to textile sensors which can be integrated in a shirt for example. 

greenteg says its Calera technology is the only solution on the market that allows noninvasive, accurate and continuous monitoring of a persons core body temperature in real live conditions. 

"Combining our unique Calera technology with QUS’ innovative textile vital monitoring platform delivers a complete solution to protect highly skilled and trained professionals in strenuous operations and environments", states Wulf Glatz, founder and CEO of greenteg AG. "In this exemplary partnership with QUS , we can play out our strength and expertise in thermal sensing and the result sets a new standard in work safety solutions", says Glatz. 

The technology integration between greenteg and QUS Body Connected enables users to collect reliable and precise data to maximize their safety and improvement.

"By including the temperature sensor and adding the body temperature parameter we achieve significant added value for a wide range of applications. Accordingly, there is currently a great interest, starting from tactical-military applications towards team sports and fitness", states Hannes Steiner, founder & CEO of QUS Body Connected. 

The combined usage of the technologies has been implemented in test environments in various work-safety situations, including the armed forces. 

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