A new Emmerdale video sees Marlon (Mark Charnock) back in hospital again – and there’s just over an hour to go before he’s supposed to be at the church for his wedding to Rhona (Zoe Henry).

In a scene that’s both stressful and hilarious, Marlon’s blood pressure is sky high, and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) is desperately trying to get him to relax and lower his blood pressure with some deep breathing and visualisation.

‘You’re sitting on a beach in the hot blazing sun,’ he says, which only worries Marlon more because he always burns in the sun. ‘You’ve got a big hat on,’ Paddy adds.

Paddy’s relaxation techniques are obviously not working because the nurse says Marlon’s BP is still high. He wants to leave the hospital anyway and get to the church but the nurse points out that he could risk having another stroke if he tries to leave before his blood pressure is under control.

Paddy asks the nurse if she can give Marlon any medication to calm him down. ‘It’s his wedding day,’ he points out and she says she’ll talk to a doctor.

With the clock ticking, Marlon sadly realises he might not make the wedding. ‘It’s game over, Paddy,’ he says.

Paddy attempts to calm Marlon down (Pictures: ITV)

‘It’s not game over! Just relax!’ Paddy yells – and the pair of them are about as far from relaxed as it’s possible to be.

Is Marlon right? Is it game over for the wedding?

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