Understanding market size can be crucial to evaluate opportunities and make informed decisions about market entry and exit. Medical device companies can identify attractive segments in respective markets as well as develop marketing strategies based on forecasts for those segments.

The Neonatal Monitoring category includes Neonatal incubators, Neonatal monitors, and Neonatal warmers. Neonatal monitoring encompasses the monitoring of vital physiological parameters of premature infants (neonates that are born after a pregnancy lasting 37 weeks or less), full term infants that are critically ill.

The neonatal monitors market in Egypt can expand or contract due to a variety of reasons including population demographics, disease incidence and prevalence, macroeconomic issues, and geopolitical considerations. Disruption to a market could be caused by a sudden, unexpected change in these factors, but it could also be driven by changes in clinical practice, leading to a change in diagnosis or treatment of patients, as part of a process to generally improve medical practice.

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