Muse Wearables, a startup based out of Bengaluru, India, is preparing to launch Muse Ring One. This smart ring, planned for market release by November 2023, aims to integrate a wealth of health and fitness metrics into your fingertip. But what exactly makes this ring stand out?

The smart ring space is witnessing a surge in competition with new entrants vying for a share of this burgeoning market. Two recent additions to this competitive landscape are RingConn and Ultrahuman Ring Air.

In our hands-on review of the RingConn smart ring, we delved into its features, benefits, and potential drawbacks, highlighting its sleek design and affordability. Meanwhile, our review of the Ultrahuman Ring Air explored this device designed for a comprehensive health and wellness tracking experience, emphasizing its impressive wellness companion capabilities.

These new products reflect the growing diversity and innovation in the smart ring sector, offering consumers a wider range of choices tailored to various needs and preferences. But this seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. The smart ring space will soon get even more interesting.

Features and innovation

One of the new entrants will be Muse Ring One. Equipped with Research Grade Optical PPG Sensors (Green, Red, and IR LEDs), it will offer detailed insights into various health metrics:

  • Fitness metrics: Tracks steps, calories, activity Strain Index, Vo2Max.
  • Vital signs: Monitors HRV, heart rate, SpO2, skin temperature, Respiratory rate, and even blood pressure. The last on this list is particularly interesting. There are no smart rings currently with the ability to monitor blood pressure from the finger. Granted Iris Smart Ring, which is set to launch by the end of this year, promises to deliver this metric.
  • Sleep: Analyzes sleep patterns and provides a sleep score.
  • Readiness Score: Assesses your preparedness for the day.
Muse Ring One

Unique interface and payment solution

The ring also has NFC payment compatibility. It works through a unique Turn Wheel interface, allowing users to switch between workout mode or payment mode with ease. Just wave your palm across any POS terminal to make secure payments in less than 4 seconds.

This unique feature sets the ring apart from others in the market, offering both convenience and security. The company says that the feature will be available both in its home market of India and internationally.

Muse Ring One

Design and specifications

Muse Ring One is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind:

  • Sizes: Available in 9 sizes to fit every finger.
  • Durability: Water-resistant down to 100 meters, strong, scratch-resistant.
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 days of battery life, with a charging case extending this to a month.

Company background, market launch

Muse Wearables has a few years experience in wearables having launched analog smartwatches and a wearable health tracker. The ring will be their fourth product.

Muse Ring is set to be launched on Indiegogo in the near future, with prototypes currently in development. There will be a super-early bird discount of 50% on the eventual retail price of $298. It is a one time fee which includes a lifetime free subscription to the app and all the data.

While the features and innovation are promising, potential customers may want to approach with caution and seek more detailed information about the product and the company. As always, crowdfunded products are a risk and there are no guarantees.

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