The mental and bodily rejuvenation methods developed by The Iceman are about to enter Hyderabad. These techniques, which were created by Wim Hof, also known as The Iceman, a Dutch athlete renowned for his capacity to endure extremely cold conditions, allow the practitioner to gain control over their body through particular breathing techniques.

Shaik Azgar Sultan, a city-based fitness entrepreneur, is getting ready to showcase the distinctive and chilly route to recuperation with the debut of his mobile ice bath training facility. This operates in an easy manner. A large man-sized tub is filled with mounds of ice chunks. The individual who is recovering sits in that tub and practises these procedures while being guided by the professionals, feeling the icy water.

Azgar was always enthusiastic about physical fitness and a master of Muay Thai, martial arts, and kickboxing. He quit his work as an IT specialist to pursue his passion of assisting others in achieving their fitness objectives. "I participate in a fight club in dubai and engage in a variety of other physical activities. I had to go through that period of recovery because of this, and I quickly realised that there are no effective rehabilitation techniques in place. That's when I learned about the Wim Hof technique," he remarked.

Azgar is currently a licenced Wim Hof trainer and made two trips to thailand to complete his foundation and advanced level courses. He primarily assists elderly people and youngsters with autism. "I can speak from personal experience when I say that this recovery approach is really beneficial. In addition to helping with depression and sleep deprivation, people frequently leave sessions feeling refreshed and renewed. He wants to reach as many people as he can with his mobile ice bath facility, which will be operational in less than a month, and offer them a shot at recovery.

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