Learn CPR for free. (Photo: Submitted)

Learn CPR for free. (Photo: Submitted)

On the 16th October each year, an alliance of partners all over the world (including UK Ambulance Services, universities, and other charitable and public sector community-based organisations and first aid training organisations) come together to increase public awareness of cardiac arrests and increase the number of people trained in lifesaving CPR.

Survival rates from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest remain stubbornly low in the UK, with fewer than one in 10 people surviving.

We all have a key role to play in improving survival rates from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and ensuring that everyone has a chance to learn CPR and that those having a sudden cardiac arrest have the best chance of surviving.

Whether you’ve learned CPR before, or this is your first time, this is an opportunity to learn how CPR guidance has changed and gain the skills and confidence to help if someone collapses and stops breathing normally.

So come along to Midsummer Place Shopping Centre on the 16th of October between 09.30 and 17.30 where Medic 365 Training Solutions Trainers will explain and demonstrate the steps you should take if you see someone in cardiac arrest.

In the afternoon around 4pm, we will also be doing some training for the children Called Mini Medics where we will demonstrate to children what to do in an emergency.

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