When you have as many lakes as we do in the State of Michigan, you need a team that specializes in underwater rescue and recovery. Michigan's team is made up of dive master troopers and sergeants from the Michigan State Police.

The Michigan State Police Marine Services Team is on Call


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Scattered throughout the state are MSP officers and troopers who have received the 'Dive Master' designation from a certified SCUBA (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) school. This training also includes underwater search and rescue training. Though there haven't been any reported deep-water rescues, the Marine Services Unit receives training on rescuing drivers from submerged vehicles.

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Should their emergency services be required, the Marine Services Unit dive master that is closest will respond to the scene and determine a course of action. Troopers in this unit often have the grizzly task of underwater search and recovery, which involves finding the lifeless bodies of drowning victims.

Michigan’s Marine Services Unit Helps Preserve the Great Lakes Treasures


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This elite group is often called upon for tasks beyond search and rescue. The Michigan Department of Transportation will enlist its services for underwater bridge inspections. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources relies on them for underwater photography of shipwrecks and removal of illegally placed fishing nets in deeper waters. The United States Coast Guard will also use the Marine Services Unit for hull inspections and recovery of missing property, like buoys. Underwater retrieval of illegal substances is also on the unit's list of services.

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The Marine Services Unit receives regular training in all situations, from ice diving to limited visibility. For more information on the Michigan State Police, including careers, click here.

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