LINCOLNTON, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - For some, hobbies may include restoring cars, but for others, it could be boats.

Yet rarely do you see the two combined.

When one Lincolnton man came across an unusual project decades ago, he was determined to bring the piece of vintage history back to life.

It will get a 10 in a cannonball contest and the Kelley’s Blue Book.

“Anyone that owns one, they would tell you that there’s always something to do, you know, you never finish it,” said Kevin Beggs.

It’s a new kind of classic.

“Everyone wants to ride, and of course, mostly kids. I’ve really had a good time with my kids and with our friends, all riding in it. They all just enjoy it. They can’t believe you can drive a car in water,” said Beggs.

It’s been a slippery chase since the Regan administration.

“I had heard about this car in the late 80s. But I had been searching for it all that time. The guy that owned it had a place at the creek. I stayed in touch with him. I told him I was interested in it. And he said, of course, I don’t want to sell it,” said Beggs.

It was until two years ago when he finally was ready to part waves, and Beggs was more than happy to take it out of his hands.

“I bought it in November of 2021, and I worked on it just about every night during the winter with my 11-year-old son. Sometime in the spring, I had it where it was what I felt like it was waterworthy,” he said.

It can reach speeds fast enough to blow your wig off.

“It’s supposed to do 70 miles an hour on land and seven miles an hour on water, but I’ve never finished it to 70 online, of course,” said Beggs.

Beggs might make his living as a funeral director, but he’s breathing new life into an old ride.

“That’s what it’s all about and sharing, sharing something good experience with someone else,” he said.

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