Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 27th July 2023 episode begins with Prachi and Ranbir remaining silent in the trial room, sensing one other’s presence, while Ranbir promises to tie the blouse laces once again. Prachi becomes frustrated and tells him he may leave while Ranbir inquires if she is certain. Will Ranbir be able to leave the room? Will they both be caught? Continue reading for more information on today’s episode. Good luck with your reading!

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Did Akshay Catch Ranbir?

Kumkum Bhagya

Ranbir grabs the jacket after hearing Prachi’s confirmation and barely gets out of the room when Akshay questions him about being in the room where Prachi has gone.

Ranbir assures him that there is no law preventing him from going to the trial room where Prachi has gone and walks inside again, urging him to leave him alone to change. Meanwhile, Abhay informs Akshay that Prachi is most likely someplace else. Prachi and Ranbir are trapped inside yet again, eagerly awaiting Akshay to go.


What Will Happen Next In Kumkum Bhagya?

Mihika Kumkum Bhagya

Ranbir will begin the forthcoming Kumkum Bhagya episode by lovingly gazing at Prachi and remembering their joyful times together. Meanwhile, Prachi’s breathing quickens as she begins to feel uneasy from Ranbir’s intense look.

Meanwhile, Ranbir notices Prachi’s breathing patterns and her expressions changing, and he also feels their scorching connection. He approaches her and asks whether she wants to continue to ignore her feelings for him.

Prachi mumbles that she does not love him in response to Ranbir’s question about why her breathing and heart rate have accelerated if she doesn’t love him. Without realizing that Ranbir secured the laces on her blouse, Prachi stands up apprehensively and exits the room.

She quickly starts conversing with Mihika and Neha after finding them again outside the door. Pallavi fumes in rage when she notices Prachi standing on the opposite side of the room. While Dida follows her, she confronts Prachi about stealing her son.

Will Akshay learn tonight about the link between Prachi and Ranbeer? What do you think will happen? Please share your opinions in the section below. We are eagerly awaiting your response! Tonight’s episode will unveil the plot’s future events. Stay tuned for further updates.

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