Former all-time raw deadlift world record holder in the 110-kilogram class Jamal Browner can no doubt pull heavy. In preparation for his competitive strongman debut at the 2023 Strongman World Open, featuring the 2023 World Deadlift Championships, Browner is pulling near-record weight for multiple reps in training.

On June 30, 2023, Browner posted a video on his Instagram page, wherein he deadlifts 410 kilograms (904 pounds) for four reps in a conventional stance. Watch the set below:

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Jamal Browner’s Deadlift Strength

With proper technique, adequate breathing, and strength built over many years, Browner did not appear to struggle through any of the four reps in the above video. “Strength is trending in the right direction,” he says in the caption. “I think I was good for another +7.5-10 kilograms around the same RPE. A little over nine weeks left of prep.”

Browner performed his deadlift set in a conventional stance while wearing lifting straps — the former is required in strongman competition
(sumo stance is not allowed). At the 2023 World Deadlift Championships, Browner will be allowed to lift equipped, meaning he can wear a lifting suit and use his lifting straps.

Since sumo lifts involve a wider stance, placing less strain on the back and shortening the hip extension, many lifters can lift more weight than they could in a conventional stance.

Jamal Browner’s Deadlift Form

One can learn plenty from Browner’s deadlift form. His feet are placed at shoulder-width, facing straight forward. He drives through his heels as he drives when pulling the weight, so his leg drive can do the bulk of the work from the outset.

Browner’s use of lifting straps removes grip as a limiting factor. With the barbell and his arms steady, he drives through the legs, maintaining his brace until exhaling forcefully at the bottom of each rep. On his last rep, Browner held the top of the deadlift for a few seconds, keeping his body rigid — he doesn’t round or overextend his back; he keeps his spine neutral.

He also isn’t bucking his knees in (valgus) or out (varus); rather, he’s keeping them in a strong position, perfectly aligned with the rest of his frame. We’ll see how he fares against some of the world’s strongest deadlifters when he takes the platform as the lightest strongman in the field at the Cardiff International Arena in Cardiff, Wales, on Sept. 2, 2023.

Featured image: @jamal_b15 on Instagram

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