Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend, whether it be bodybuilding or as an actor. He has won a record seven Mr Olympia titles and has entertained the audience with his movies for several years. Schwarzenegger has excelled in politics also.

Even at 75 years of age, Arnold still does workouts in the gym, which suits his body and age. On January 8, 2023, Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a reel on Instagram along with a caption. He spoke about working out.

"Training is part of my life. It's automatic, like breathing. It's a routine. I love waking up every day to messages from all of you about how your routines in the Pump Daily Challenge are bringing you closer to your visions."

Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke further in the reel posted. He said he will continue to work out till the very end of his life.

"Training is part of my life. It's that simple. Nothing will ever change until I die. I will be working out and I will be having a great time in the gym and I will be getting the pump and I want to feel good. You know, and like I said, it's tough enough already as it is. When you get older, but you have to hold on as much as you can."

Arnold Schwarzenegger continued:

"And still today I come in here, I do sets. I do that because I'm 75 years old. I got to go and stay in shape. I'm doing TV shows, TV series, and I'm doing more movies. I want to be in shape and I want you to know it's already tough enough as it is to stay in shape. So you gotta do it no matter what."

Fans and followers of Arnold Schwarzenegger react to his post

Soon after Arnold Schwarzenegger posted this reel, fans and followers gave their reactions in the comments section. So far, the post has garnered 2,295 comments.

Expendables and Rocky movie star Sylvester Stallone wrote:

"Truer words were never spoken!"

Stallone's comment alone received 2,073 likes.

Another one of Arnold's followers wrote:

"I feel like this goes for every passion. I don't see myself stop drawing or stop creating art. I hope everyone holds on to their passion as tight as Arnold holds on to pumping iron."

Aaron Vivar wrote:

"Legend!!! 100% agree!!!"

Dominican-American actress Dascha Polanco posted:

"Needed to hear this."

Yet another follower of Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote:

"Come with me (to the gym) if you want to live (longer) - The Terminator"

Another follower of the champion bodybuilder said:

"That's crazy that 75 year old can still do that. I've never known anyone else who could around that age or even over it. This man's a legend."

A few more fans and followers' reactions have been attached below:

"You guys remember Arnold's retirement speech from Pumping Iron, bodybuilding is a big part [of] me and I'll continue it for the rest of my life. I'll only stop competing but I'll never stop bodybuilding."

"My dad named me Arnold, thanks to you! So I will always keep the legacy going"

"We all know how important the pump is to Arnold"

"Thanks for the motivation ?"

"Words of Motivation and determination!"

"Arnie is always correct!"

"Right on ?Arnold, you said it ! Goes for me too. Been working out since i was 12 years old and now I'm 50. Cant stop, must keep going"

"110% words to live by. I only hope that when I’m 75 (I’m 45 now), that I have the same dedication to everything in my life that this great does. @schwarzenegger you are the GOAT ? and you’re still inspiring generations."

All the comments and reactions from the fans and followers of Arnold Schwarzenegger indicated only one thing. He is a source of great motivation and inspiration to several people around the world.

Edited by Akshay Saraswat

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