Yoga Day 2022: Yoga is the ancient art of treating the mind and the body. It helps one combat the stresses of life and assists in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yoga as art is divided into various forms and has gained popularity worldwide over the years. This has developed a need for a certain formal way to gain knowledge of Yoga. As one earns it means to learn Yoga, they become certified Yoga instructors. 

Through various Yoga teacher training programmes, yoga enthusiasts level up their knowledge and train with more specialists to become certified yoga instructors. Here’s everything you need to know about the yoga teacher training programme. 

  • Knowing the right programme category

The Yoga Alliance, which is the largest non-profit association representing the yoga community, divides the teaching programmes into various categories. This includes the 200, 300 or 500 hours of training category, or specialised categories like teaching yoga for kids, and teaching prenatal yoga. A person who wishes to take up on the opportunity of training needs to decide which category you want to pursue.

  • Choosing the right school/instructor

Yoga Alliance provides a directory where you can find registered yoga schools and teachers for guidance. Having the right institution or a teacher will help you take the right path and gain a deeper knowledge of the art. 

Since yoga is divided into various types, like kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, and Iyengar yoga among others, one needs to know what type of yoga training they wish to master. This will not only help in establishing a niche but also contribute to choosing something that interests you. 

Many registered yoga schools require individuals to have at least some amount of past experience. If one wishes to take up a yoga teacher training programme, (s)he is required to know at least the basics of yoga. The more amount of practice one has, the more perfection (s)he will be able to attain while undertaking training.

While training programmes will help you gain a deeper understanding pertaining to the theory of yoga, it is crucial to self-study to have a basic knowledge about injuries, positions, and breathing techniques. Any carelessness may hamper the teaching-learning process.

  • Importance of Equipment 

No matter what teacher training programme you take up, the right yoga equipment is a prerequisite. This means having a good quality yoga strap, yoga mat, training clothes, and other essentials.

The more you practice, the more you will be able to perfect your understanding of Yoga. Since you will be ultimately imparting your skills and knowledge to the students, you need to be thorough with your positions and knowledge.

Training is a staunch responsibility and a trainer needs to keep in mind all these points while going ahead with a yoga teacher training programme. This programme can be taken up either by individuals who want to become an educator or people who wish to attain mastery in Yoga. Various schools in India provide the YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) programmes, and the details can be accessed through Yoga Alliance’s website. 

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