Learning a breathing style and using it in combat is crucial for enhancing your skills in Project Slayers. Breathing styles offer a plethora of unique moves that you can use alongside your weapon to maximize your DPS. One of the best breathing styles in the game is Sound Breathing, which is used by Tengen in the Demon Slayer manga series. If you're wondering how to get Sound Breathing in the game, we have you covered. The following is a guide on how you can get Sound Breathing in Project Slayers.

What are the requirements to get Sound Breathing in Project Slayers

Sound Breathing is a powerful breathing style, and as such requires quite a bit of in-game progress before you can learn it. Here are all the requirements you must meet to learn Sound Breathing in Project Slayers:

  • Be at least level 75
  • Have at least 13,000 Wen
  • Have at least 150 Demon Horns

Once you have met all the aforementioned requirements and resources, head over to the Sound Breathing trainer to start the training process.

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Where is the Sound Breathing trainer located in Project Slayers

The Sound Breathing Trainer is located in the Sound Cave POI. This cave is located in the Ouwohana region that is unlocked after you reach level 50+. Once you reach the Sound Cave, simply follow the stairs upward, and you will find the Sound Trainer in the top floor standing near a ledge. An important thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to interact with the Sound Trainer if you already have a Breathing Style equipped. Therefore, make sure to reset any current Breathing Style you may have before interacting with the Sound Trainer.

All Sound Breathing quests in Project Slayers

To learn Sound Breathing, players must complete a series of tasked given by the Sound Trainer. Each task will have a marker on the map pointing you toward the location. Once a task is finished, go back to the Sound Trainer to start the next one. The following are all the training tasks for learning Sound Breathing in Project Slayers:

  • Pull Boulder: Travel to Frozen Lake, and head toward the quest marker. Interact with any boulder to start pulling it, and then drag it toward the location marker by the red arrow at the bottom of your screen.
  • Pushups: Head to Wop's Training Grounds, and then go to the quest marker. Interact with the red carpet to start a QTE pushups mini-game.
  • Split Boulder: Head to Frozen Lake, and follow the quest marker to the boulders. Once you reach the boulders, equip your sword, and then interact with any boulder to start a QTE mini-game.
  • Target Training: Go to Wop's Training Grounds, and then interact with the Target Practice devices near the quest marker. Click on all the targets that appear on the wall to complete the training step.
  • Defeat Sound Trainee: The final training step involves battling a Sound Trainee NPC at the Sound Cave. After successfully defeating the NPC in battle, you will get Sound Breathing.

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Sound Breathing moves

The following are all the moves in Sound Breathing style in Project Slayers:

  • Z - Bursting Bloom
    • Dash forward to launch a flurry of slashes. Any target hit will be slashed in succession.
  • X - Roar
    • Slam down both swords to cause an explosion with a knock-back effect.
  • C - Resounding Slashes
    • Launch multiple slashes, with each slash causing a small explosive effect.
  • V - Explosive Impact
    • Release a projectile that lures enemies toward you. If the target is hit by a secondary slash, they will take explosive damage.
  • B - Smoke Screen
    • Activate once to cause a smoke screen and turn invisible to enemies. Activate a second time to cause the smoke screen to explode.
  • N - String Performance
    • Hold: Start a high speed sprint while spinning your swords and releasing explosions around you.
    • Tap: Dash behind a target, and deal a series of slashing attacks from multiple directions.

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