Bobby pins are used in a hack for getting knots out of shoe laces. Audra shares her personal sneaker hack.

Bobby pins are handy to have around not just for pulling your hair, First for Women suggests using them to get out the knots in your shoe laces.  Slide a pin into opposite sides of the knot and pull apart.  Greg and Audra try it out and Audra shares her personal hack for those laces.

3 other Thursday Tips:

Ever get really anxious or can’t stop worrying about something? Hold an ice cube or put some in a bag and apply to your wrists for 1 minute.   Nerve endings in our wrist connect to the region of our brain that is responsible for swirling thoughts.   The cooling slows blood flow, breathing and heart rate.

For clumpy mascara, add two drops of saline onto the wand, then dip it back into the canister and mix it around.  The saline is suppose to soften and thin the formula so it glides smoothly onto lashes.

Ever pull out a jacket that smells like the last restaurant you visited?  To freshen it up. fill a pray bottle with equal parts vodka and water.   Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil then spritz your clothing.  The alcohol in the vodka kills odor-causing bacteria to neutralize bad smells.  The oil adds a fresh new scent.

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