A lifetime serving the Graignamanagh community came to an end when Michael Doyle recently retired as Station Officer of Graignamanagh Fire Brigade.

Michael joined the Graig Fire Brigade as part of the wider Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service in December 1997 after completing his initial recruits course training in Kilkenny City Fire Station. In 1998 he successfully completed his Initial Breathing Apparatus training, also in Kilkenny City.

Serving as firefighter, Michael gained promotion to the rank of sub-station officer in 2003. He held that rank until 2013, when he then gained the rank of station officer, the position he held until his retirement.

Throughout his years as a serving member of Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service, Michael was involved locally in promoting fire prevention. He played a lead role in the primary schools programme, home fire safety visits and pre-incident planning.

Michael was also qualified as an instructor in various capacities and would regularly instruct on Kilkenny Fire Service courses along with visiting other Kilkenny fire stations on their training nights to inform and refresh their crews of current and new techniques.

Recently, the current crew of the Graig Fire Brigade, along with some senior officers and some fellow station officers gathered together to show their appreciation and recognition for the work that Michael has carried out over the past 25 years.

Michael was presented with a framed photograph from the current Graig fire brigade crew, along with further presentations from Chief Fire Officer John Collins, one of which included a commemorative recognition medal for his service as a station officer.


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