Using proven methods to save the lives of Veterans

Firefighters Sin Fronteras is widely recognized as a Veteran Operated Charity designed to help veterans renew their strength through a series of therapy sessions and training. The company assists veterans to smoothly transition to International firefighters. Using the U.S military basic training cadence calling and singing, the company helps injured veterans increase their dopamine levels. The training and therapy cadence sessions are designed to help the traumatized veterans heal quickly. Firefighters Sin Fronteras is a non-religious organization based on stoicism.

The company uses drone technology to monitor heart rates and breathing. With the candence  therapy, the company has reduced panic attacks and nightmares by 59%. This result is similar to that produced by Wim Hof “the iceman”. However, the difference is that he produced same results with a half-life of only minutes as opposed to the standard hours required to produce such results through the therapy. To sign up for the course, veterans are expected to pay $500 USD per month, which covers lodging, therapies, and freight from the airport to the training center. In order to stay updated with information about the training, applicants are required to follow the Lance Thrower podcast on Spotify and Apple.

Firefighters Sin Fronteras is a non-governmental paramilitary organization that offers intensive training sessions on Mentoring in robotics, Research, and Development, and classes for aspiring firefighters, Mole aspirants, War Band, and Junior Firefighters. The company also makes provision for International Firefighter Recruitment, Preparation classes for the French Foreign Legion, CrossFit games, Holistic therapy and yoga, and Combat Bootcamp body training. With these provisions, veterans are assured of renewing their superpowers.

“Firefighters Sin Fronteras is a veteran operated charity. It’s designed to assist veteran transition to international firefighter volunteer. We use U.S. military basic training cadence calling and singing as a proven method for raising dopamine levels in injured veterans. The method by which we “trigger” a positive response from a “stressful” memory. That being basic military training, we have a 60% success rate with traumatized veterans. The course is 12-weeks long and is located in Zacatlan de las manzanas Puebla, Mexico. In exchange for your training, you get your super powers back. In exchange for laziness you get your misery back,”  says professor Davinci Nikolaj Williams, a pioneer and true Renaissance man who has saved the lives of hundreds of veterans.

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