Finished your workout? Now cool down: Here's why it's important

Mar 16, 2023, 10:01 am
3 min read

Know about cooling down before you hit the shower post your workout

Just as a good warm-up session is important before you hit the gym, cooling down post a workout session shouldn't be ignored either.

It's a five to 10-minute-long activity wherein you do basic stretches and gentle movements to return to your body's usual rhythm.

So before you run straight for a shower, remind yourself to cool down for the following reasons.

When you attend a workout session, your heart rate goes up and continues to remain so even when you are done burning calories.

It is important to cool down as a sudden and quick halt after exercising can lead to light-headedness or dizziness.

So if you are jogging or running, don't just stop abruptly. Finish it with a slow walk before you head home.

Helps you steer clear of injuries

Just like a warm-up, cooling down is also important when it comes to preventing injuries including muscle tears and strains.

How? Well, after you are done exercising, your muscles need to be stretched while they are still warm to help them elongate and prevent aches. That's when cool-down exercises come to your rescue!

Skipping a cool-down may reduce muscle recovery.

When you cool down after a fitness session, you experience a fresh release of serotonin and dopamine that puts you into a state of unwinding.

Deep breathing can help your mind and heart stay relaxed, signaling your muscles to recover.

For those who feel restless or anxious after an intense workout session, cooling down can help by bringing your body to its usual state.

Helps in the restoration of temperature and breathing

Your body experiences multiple changes in some of its dynamics including its temperature, breathing, and heartbeat.

With some cool-down exercises, you can stabilize your system's increased temperature to normal levels. If you skip it and go straight in the shower, the difference in temperatures can make you fall sick.

It is also important to calm down accelerated breathing to avoid stressing the lungs.

Prevents the build-up of lactic acid

Lactic acid, a chemical that our body produces during the conversion of carbs into energy, builds up inside our body after a workout.

This acid can cause muscle aches, cramps, soreness, stiffness, strains, and damage, which can push all your efforts at the gym down the drain.

Fret not, with cooling down, you pace up the process of releasing this acid from the body.

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