Your business success depends on your employees and the collective ability to do the job well and meet all demands and expectations. If you aren’t giving your employees 100% and working with them to ensure they reach their own full potential and support the business in reaching its potential, then you will not only be doing them a disservice but yourself as well. The workplace cutie is ten times more likely to make employees leave their job roles than any other reason. With 70% of people working or having worked in a toxic work environment, you must ensure that your company doesn’t fall under those realms.

So how do you support your employees and remove toxicity from the workplace?

Stop Micromanaging

You might feel like no one can do the job as well as you or your employees parent up to the task. If you are constantly micromanaging, how will you know for sure this is the case? Give your team breathing space to allow them to do the job you employ them to and take the initiative. If they are good at their job, this will enable them to perform at their best without worrying about management breathing down their necks constantly.

Support Training and Development

Alongside a toxic workplace,e not being valued in the workplace features high on the list of top reasons why employees leave. People leave people, not jobs, and if you aren’t investing in your people, then they will likely move to a place that does. As a starting point, you must ensure they have the training and support they need to do their job. Putting an LMS in place can help your employees learn the necessary skills and gain extra knowledge and support from their education while being prepared for their day-to-day jobs. This can be used for onboarding or for regular training as required.


Removing toxicity from the workplace needs to begin with improved communication. Keeping everyone in the opp as far as their job role and company aims to go is vital, as is changing how you communicate and interact with employees. A little bit of respect goes a long way, and if you can communicate to your team how well they are doing and support them in communicating efficiently with each other, you can help to eliminate or reverse issues affecting your team due to poor communication and start addressing any issues effectively.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Simply recognizing that someone has done an excellent job or performed well can help you to improve your workplace morale and support your memories development too. By congratulating them and highlighting what they are doing well, they can feel recognized for their efforts and make them feel part of the team. Employees are likely to go that little bit further without being pushed if they feel valued in the workplace, and if you are supporting what they do by giving encouragement and tips on how to progress in the company, then chances are they will see this as a long term career, not just a job that pays the bills. This will only benefit you in the long run by reading turnover and improving satisfaction levels within the company.


Improving your workplace culture and paying attention to how you treat your employees will go a long way in helping you run your company and be as successful as possible. Remember, if you cannot run your company without your employees, then you need to ensure they are capable of doing their jobs and are happy working for your company.

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