General News of Monday, 4 April 2022


There was drama at the Effiankwanta Regional Hospital mortuary in the Western Region where about four well-built men presented someone who was not dead to be put in the morgue.

A mortuary attendant, Eric Yamoah, told Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson on Connect FM’s Omanbapa morning show they were at the facility around 9:00 pm on Thursday when the four brawny men brought the ‘dead person’ at the bucket of a white Nissan pickup vehicle with registration number AW 2497-21.

“They told my other colleague to remove the ‘dead body’ from the vehicle to the morgue but I could see the person was breathing so I prevented him. The four men were still forcing us to take the body even though he was not dead,” he indicated.

“Out of anger,” the attendant further explained, “the guys drove away with the supposed dead body but after a few meters away, they saw the guys mercilessly beating the person who was presumed to be dead at the bucket of the vehicle, but when they realised attention was on them. They sped off with the victim still at the bucket.”

“They argued with us for some time and after realizing we cannot help them, they drove off. As they were going we could see them beating the young man at the bucket of the vehicle. We are even scared they would kill him along the way,” he added.

He continued that they have not experienced such an incident at the mortuary before and this got them baffled about what the mission of the young men could be.

“We don’t even understand why they wanted to kill him by force. The man was not dead but they wanted to kill him, he was very strong and there was no sign that anything was even wrong with him. Such incident has never happened since I started this job,” he indicated.

John Kwamena Koomson, an ambulance driver who was also at the facility at the time of the incident, indicated they were scared for their lives and could not probe further.

Report has since been made to the police who have taken statements from the attendants.


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