YORK COUNTY, Va. - A narcotics dog was exposed to opioids on the job, leading to a life-saving moment made possible by a Williamsburg woman.

“The only thing I could think of was I’ve gotta save my girl, I’ve got to save my dog,” said her handler James Overton.

Overton works at American K-9 Interdiction with his K-9 Lucy.

Two weeks ago, Lucy had exposure to suspected fentanyl while on duty.

“Her pupils got really really big, breathing became pretty labored and her heart rate was nonexistent, and she was laying on her side,” said Overton.

Overton tried rushing her to a nearby emergency vet, but Lucy was on death's door. He administered Narcan and she sprang back to life.

“Without that Narcan, Lucy wouldn’t be here today,” said Overton.

The Narcan and other medical supplies were donated by Patty Settimo in honor of her late father, who was a police officer for 35 years.

“I got tears in my eyes, this is I believe my first save,” said Settimo.

Settimo helps local agencies through a partnership with K-9 Defender Fund, by giving them something called a Buddy Bag. Inside is life-saving equipment, including wound dressing supplies and Narcan.

Overton recalled telling Settimo the news that Lucy was alive thanks to her donation.

“Thank god for you, you saved Lucy’s life,” said Overton.

Settimo said she was touched.

“It’s humbling and it’s exciting and I’m just glad I was able to help,” said Settimo.

Lucy is back on the job after a week of recovery.

The organization, Protection 4 Paws, is replenishing Overton and Lucy's supply of Narcan.

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