Demon Slayer Season 3 features two Hashira awakening Demon Slayer Marks and gaining tremendous strength enough to overpower the Upper Moons. However, the anime has yet to fully explore the Demon Slayer Mark’s depths.

Although fans know about Tanjiro’s Demon Slayer Mark, his case is unique because his family passes down the Hinokami Kagura for generations. This Hinokami Kagura is a Sun Breathing Technique where a large, crimson burn mark identifies the users on the left side of their foreheads.

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However, demon slayers using other breathing techniques can also awaken their marks, though the circumstances can differ. The demon slayers are always at a major disadvantage against Upper Moons, as shown during the fights with Akaza and Gyutaro in consecutive arcs.

No matter how strong they may be, they cannot compare to the instant regenerative abilities of an Upper Rank. However, the introduction of the Demon Slayer Mark gives them the much-needed boost to overpower even the strongest opponents.

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What is a Demon Slayer Mark?

An image of Tanjiro's scar in Demon SlayerCrunchyroll

Although Demon Slayer Marks are rare now, the progenitors of the first-ever Breathing Styles all manifested markings on their bodies. This happened during the Sengoku Era, known as the Golden Age of Demon Slayers when Yoriichi Tsugikuni was in his prime.

These marks are irregularities on the skin that closely resembles a birthmark or a scar that appears on the face or another visible location of the body. It’s similar to the crests of demons and unique to each Demon Slayer. 

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Once awakened, the Mark can disappear after a period of time along with its effects. However, it can be re-activated by meeting the same conditions or through training to maintain the ‘Marked state’ to prevent it from dissipating in the first place.

How does one awaken it?

An image of Muichiro awakening his Demon Slayer MarkCrunchyroll

One can only awaken the Demon Slayer Mark can under very specific conditions and gain special abilities while enhancing the bearer’s pre-existing traits. The criteria is to survive extremely life-threatening conditions, a heart rate of over 200 beats per minute, and a body temperature of over 102 Fahrenheit. 

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Though these conditions can prove to be fatal in most cases, the Hashira are strong enough to withstand them and go beyond their limits as swordsmen. However, the most crucial prerequisite is being in contact with an individual that possesses the mark. Without fulfilling this condition, a demon slayer cannot awaken the mark.

The history of Demon Slayer Mark

An image of Yoriichi from Muzan's memoriesCrunchyroll

During the Sengoku Era, about 500 years before the current timeline of the series, Yoriichi Tsugikuni was well-known as the strongest demon slayer in existence. He is the progenitor of Breathing Styles, born with a demon slayer mark, which means he never had to go under special training to awaken it.

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However, upon joining the Demon Slayer Corps, Yoriichi spread the mark to all other swordsmen in the organization, enabling them to awaken their own Marks as well. His contributions to teaching the Breathing Styles and awakening the marks turned the tide for the organization as they found ways to match up a demon’s strength.

However, despite how common the Mark was among the Demon Slayers during that era, most records of the Mark were lost to time. This could be because the bearers then did not think preserving the information was necessary or because the information was lost in the many times the Demon Slayer Corps was nearly annihilated.

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The abilities granted by the mark

An image of Mitsuri awakening her Demon Slayer MarkCrunchyroll

Firstly, the Demon Slayer Mark dramatically enhances one’s physical strength and speed. It’s to the point where Hashiras are able to overpower the lowest of the Upper Ranks. The series hints that the arm strength of the swordsmen increases by 100 times. The mark also increases the bearer’s resistance to Muzan’s demon-transforming blood, similar to Total Concentration Breathing.

Furthermore, bearers of the mark can gain access to the “Transparent World.” This allows them to perceive the bodies of others as if their skin was transparent. This is how the demon slayers can track the flow of blood, breathing, muscular contractions and joint movements of their targets. 

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This makes it easy for the bearers to predict their target’s movement and evade their attacks effortlessly. Furthermore, those capable of seeing the Transparent World can perceive it in slow-motion, increasing their reaction and movement speed.

Another incredible ability granted by the Demon Slayer Mark is the bright red Nichirin Sword by clashing their blade with another Marked swordsman’s or gripping it with tremendous force. Bright red Nichirin swords have the ability to generate intense heat that hampers the regeneration of even the most powerful demons. This is how Yoriichi was able to inflict scars on Muzan that continued to burn him even after 500 years.

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The curse of the Demon Slayer Mark

An image of Kokushibo, Upper Rank One in Demon SlayerCrunchyroll

The series never clearly explains the curse that led the bearers to die before reaching the age of 25. Due to being afraid of the curse, Kokushibo agreed to become a demon. During Yoriichi’s era, almost all the demon slayers died at a young age. Yet, for some reason, Yoriichi lived past the age of 80. The possible explanation is that he was born with the mark instead of awakening it later on.

Regardless of the curse, it is still possible to awaken the mark once a Demon Slayer reaches the age of 25, as Gyomei demonstrated by awakening it. However, Kokushibo claimed that Gyomei would die within a few hours of activating it. Although Gyomei died after the battle, it is more likely he succumbed to his injuries instead of getting affected by the curse.

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One possible explanation for the curse of the Demon Slayer Mark is that it takes a heavy toll on the bearer’s body because of the significant increase in physical abilities. According to Shinobu, the strain decreases lifespan since the conditions for awakening the mark are harmful to the body.

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