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The Demon Slayer inspired Roblox experience Demon Slayer: Legacy invites users to become the strongest in the world and take down everyone who's against them—whether this means working as a Slayer and protecting all that exists, or turning toward the path of evil and fighting as a Demon, the choice is yours. While deciding your fate, you may be curious about the possible powers (breathing styles/blood demon arts) you could use, and what each one offers, which is why I've created the brief guide below that lists each power in Demon Slayer: Legacy from best to worst and details why they've been placed where they are. Please remember that this tier list is just one opinion, and I'd still appreciate hearing your thoughts in the comments below!

Demon Slayer Legacy Best Breathing Styles Tier List

Tier Breathing Style
S Mist Breathing, Thunder Breathing
A Wind Breathing, Flame Breathing, Flower Breathing
B Water Breathing, Beast Breathing
C Love Breathing, Serpent Breathing
D Insect Breathing, Sound Breathing

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Demon Slayer Legacy Best Demon Arts Tier List

Tier Demon Art
S Hantengu, Nezuko, Daki
A Gyokko
C Spider, Yahaba, Enmu
D Susamaru, Swamp

Demon Slayer Legacy Best Powers, Explained

What's viewed as the "best" in video games is always changing, whether it's the best build to use in Call of Duty, the best hero to play as in Overwatch, or the best power to use in Demon Slayer: Legacy—there's no way to always stay on top of what's the best, and a lot of it comes down to personal preference. With that being said, I've put together the quick guide below that describes what makes certain powers in this experience better than others at this specific moment. The tier list above is always subject to change, and will likely need regular updates with how much the experience's "meta" changes.

S Tier Powers in Demon Slayer: Legacy

The S tier is saved for the best of the best—the powers in this tier offer stand-above buffs, boosts, and advantages to the player that just can't be ignored/denied. Having the ability to master these powers sets you apart from the rest and will greatly increase your overall "success" in the experience. A mix of factors go into choosing what powers get to reach that S tier apex, but I chose to place these specific powers in the S tier because of their undeniable strength, consistency, and usability, and their general positive performance.

A Tier Powers in Demon Slayer: Legacy

Powers placed in the A tier fall just under those that have surpassed them—pulling up the rear of the best, but not trailing far behind. These powers can even be regarded as the best depending on who you ask, but in terms of the general, very statistic-based view, they're just slightly below that "god-like" level. These powers still pack a punch and are strongly powerful in their own right, with impressive buffs and unique moves to prove it, they just don't have the extra "oomf" to push them over the line into S tier...yet!

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B Tier Powers in Demon Slayer: Legacy

The B tier is typically where players find the most room for discussion—while some may view the powers in this tier to be harshly rated, and others feel as though I've cut them too much slack, I put them here because, at the end of the day, I find these powers to be...perfectly fine. They're not super good, they're not super bad, they're just...fine! Depending on your play style, you may love these powers and find the most use with them, or you may hate them and think they're pointless. Because of this, and because of their middling moves, buffs, and general features, these powers have found themself in the B or "decent" tier.

C Tier Powers in Demon Slayer: Legacy

With how much wiggle room there is in the B tier, the C tier becomes pretty unforgiving—the powers in this tier aren't much to write home about and, though they can be useful in the right hands (as all of these powers can be), they typically underperform and are outclassed by all of the powers mentioned above. They're often easily overpowered as well, making a fight with someone using these powers pretty quick to wrap. Again, that's not to say they're terrible, or that they can't be used (and used well), they just have a habit of being pushed to the outskirts when new updates come out, and are more often than not forgotten until another new update releases that makes them useful again.

D Tier Powers in Demon Slayer: Legacy

Now, to address the elephant in the room...the D Tier powers. These powers are just...not very good. They can be used and mastered and made into worthy choices, but it often takes a lot of work and offers little to no payoff for the determined user. That's not to say that the powers currently listed in this tier are always bad, or that their build is specifically terrible—the strength of powers in Demon Slayer: Legacy is always fluctuating and adjusting as the experience develops, so much so that some of these powers were widely considered to be S tier powers at one point. But, with everything, updates are made and metas change, making the powers in this tier (simply put) pretty pointless and irrelevant at this time.


That's it for this guide on every power in Demon Slayer: Legacy and where it ranks from best to worst. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this entire guide is just one opinion, and yours may differ, which is totally ok! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this ranking in the comments below, and learn what you think the best breathing style/bda is at the moment.

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