Following a delay, the Dead Space remake got pushed to early next year. The devs of the game, Motive Studios, now has a much more concrete date of 27 January 2023. It is indeed very early next year.

The official Dead Space Twitter account has announced the date, following the game’s Crafting the Tension livestream. It’s also mentioned at the very end of the stream itself, which, if you want to watch it yourself, is linked below. The release date announcement comes in at 1:11:29.

As for the stream itself, the showcase is mostly about the lighting effects that you can expect from the Dead Space remake. As before Motive says that it tries to stay true to the look and feel of the original game, while modernising it for current generation tech. The game is made using the Frostbite engine – no surprise there seeing as it is an EA game.


Previously, Motive showcased the sound design for the Dead Space remake, which mostly stars the ALIVE System. This alters the playable character Isaac’s heart rate, breathing and dialogue delivery, which changes depending on whether he was previously running for long periods of time, or just got jumped by a necromorph, for example.

Beyond that, the dev team also says another showcase livestream will be coming up in October, closer to Halloween. This comes just shortly before the release date announcement. According to the devs, this next stream will be the gameplay reveal proper. By then the devs say that they will be able to talk about the game in a more substantial way. This could mean talking about the game as a whole rather than segmented like these two recent streams.

At any rate, fans of the Dead Space series should mark their calendars foe 27 January 2023. Though it’s probably too early to say for sure that there will be no more delays.

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