The infamous so-called “Fire-breathing demon” dog is getting a fourth chance at a forever home.

Ralphie is the one-year-old, 26-pound French bulldog described by a New York shelter as “A terror in a somewhat small package.” The Niagara SPCA says it finally found a “Perfect adopter” for him, after he was returned three times.

Hopefully, Ralphie’s new owner Jason, can handle the pup. It is his profession after all. Jason trains dogs for the Department of Energy in Tennessee.

Before Ralphie went home with Jason, the dog completed a six-week boarding and training program. It helped with his reactivity around other dogs. This is good because Jason already has a French bulldog, a dachshund, and a German shepherd. Jason says the reformed canine is now getting acquainted with his new pack.

You can follow Ralphie’s journey on Instagram at “Demondogralphie.”

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