Desperate girl suffering insomnia trying to sleep. Young woman distressed. One woman trying to sleep covering her ears to avoid neighbour noise at home or hotel during the day.If you often find yourself struggling to sleep throughout the night, you may be at a higher risk for heart disease. Many adults have fallen victim to our society’s increasing inability to receive a good night’s rest.

Unfortunately, emerging research is now linking this lack of quality sleep with serious long-term health concerns, particularly an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Read on to learn more about how chronically disrupted sleep can jeopardize your heart and what steps you can take today to protect it.

The study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association followed 2,032 adults from six communities around the United States. The areas included St. Paul, Minnesota; Baltimore; Chicago; Forsyth County, North Carolina; Los Angeles County, California; and northern Manhattan and the Bronx, New York.

Participants who were shift workers were excluded as they were more likely to have irregular sleep patterns. Those with existing heart disease and obstructive sleep apnea (a known risk factor for coronary artery disease) were also excluded from the study.

After a seven-day monitoring period, participants with greater irregularity in their sleep duration were more likely to have a higher instance of coronary artery calcium, more plaque in their carotid arteries, and greater systemic atherosclerosis and stiffness in their blood vessels, which is commonly referred to as “hardening of the arteries.”
Study author Kelsie Full, Ph.D., MPH, explained, “These results suggest that maintaining regular or habitual sleep durations, or sleeping close to the same total amount of time each night, may play an important role in preventing cardiovascular disease.”

Getting Optimal Sleep

Sleep Sure Plus is designed to help promote optimal sleep and restfulness through a variety of ingredients. One of the most important ingredients included in this unique formula is melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone essential for regulating the circadian rhythm (the internal clock of the body). Sleep Sure Plus also contains valerian, one of the best natural ingredients for promoting rest and relaxation. These two essential ingredients are joined by another 6, which all work together to provide a better quality of sleep.

Although getting a good night’s sleep is important for heart health, many other factors go into ensuring healthy cardiovascular function. CoQ10 is a vital nutrient needed to maintain a healthy heart. However, research has shown that CoQ10 levels can decline with stress, age, and cholesterol-lowering statin use. Due to this decline, it is essential to help support and maintain CoQ10 levels.

The major issue with standard CoQ10 supplementation is that it is a large, fat-soluble molecule that is poorly absorbed in the body. However, CoQ10 Premium Gold gets around this issue by supplying a water-soluble form of CoQ10 for superior absorption by the body. This gives the body the CoQ10 it needs to support energy production and help maintain cardiovascular health.

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