Today is the first day of summer. Please enjoy.

And please – please! – do not wish away our finest season for want of football season.

Take a look at recent comments on Bills Twitter and in Bills Facebook groups and you’ll see some are from fans who can’t wait for training camp to begin – or, worse, for the regular-season opener on a Monday night in the Meadowlands.

This is madness. Training camp opens five weeks from today; by then summer’s almost half-gone. The regular season begins one week after Labor Day; by then, summer is pretty much all gone.

Time is a tricky thing. We get only so much of it. And hereabouts, summertime is the best time. We have humidity (low) and temps (not too high) that are the envy of the world. Nobody, but nobody, has better summers than we do.

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Look, we understand why so many Bills fans are anxious for the season to start. The Bills are still Super Bowl contenders. They made moves to shore up their offensive and defensive lines. Von Miller says he’s ready to go. Josh Allen is on the cover of Madden.

And then there was last week’s minicamp. News from there wasn’t good, but it did provide the sort of soap opera that makes fans crave to know more.

The last time Ian Coursey came to Shea’s, his grandfather talked their way in the front door. This week, Ian will enter on his own.

Stefon Diggs did not appear at practice on the first day of mandatory minicamp. Coach Sean McDermott said he was “very concerned.” The next day he said that Diggs had actually been excused from practice.

Wait. Which was it? And what’s the real story? We don’t know. And we probably won’t find out – if we ever do – until the team reconvenes. It is, in other words, a cliffhanger, that plot device from old radio serials designed to leave listeners anxious to know what happens next.

“The future,” C.S. Lewis once wrote, “is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.”

As it happens, 60 minutes is the official length of NFL games, barring overtime. Every second counts. (Woe to those who come up 13 ticks short.)

Team sports are mostly measured in minutes and seconds. Even baseball has a pitch clock now. Time is of the essence.

This is especially true of time spent with loved ones, which is one of the allures of watching the Bills. Luke Russert, son of Tim, the late NBC newsman, told ESPN about that in an interview for Father’s Day:

“The most important thing I feel that a parent can give their children is time,” Luke said. “And as it pertains to sports, that’s very honest time, because you have the time of the game. You have the time driving to and from it, too. … You know, my dad's gone, but I still carry the Buffalo Bills and, God willing, I have a kid someday and they carry on the Buffalo Bills.”

That’s time measured not by minutes, but by generations.

Ecclesiastes tells us: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to uproot.”

If you happen to see Lord Stanley’s chalice passing by on the streets of Western New York, feel free to let loose with a “Luuuuuuce!”

A time to enjoy summer breezes, and a time to root for the home team. OK, so the Bible doesn’t actually say that. Still, it’s implied, isn’t it?

Much of our nation would be highly uncomfortable in summer without the aid of air conditioning. It’s a good thing for the citizens of the Sun Belt that Willis Carrier invented it in Buffalo at the dawn of the 20th century.

Nowadays more than 80% of American homes have air conditioning. When I was growing up, no one in our Ken-Ton neighborhood had it, though my father insisted that we sort of did. “It’s called Lake Erie,” he’d say.

Here on the Niagara Frontier, we live surrounded by the magic of living water: a pair of Great Lakes and the swift-moving strait that connects them.

So happy summer solstice to you and yours. Get out on the water. See a show at the Shaw. Have a hike at Letchworth.

The Bills? They’ll be here in due time.

Heaven can wait. And so can you.

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