Bank Millennium provided its managers with access to the streaming development service - a training platform compared to Netflix. Millennium leaders may find here the best knowledge on more than 64 topics - it's just one click away.

The digitalisation of education, including employee training, is something that is happening before our eyes, and more specifically, on the screens of our computers. The pandemic experience gave us a strong hint - the world is not waiting for anyone, and we have to adapt to it. The data collected by the World Economic Forum* clearly show the change dynamics: "By 2025, 40% of key competencies will have changed. By 2030, more than 1 billion employees will have to learn new ways of performing their work. In 2022, automation will push out from the market 85 million employees, but as many as 97 million other workplaces will be created".

- In Bank Millennium digitalisation of training is as obvious as breathing. We see the role of our HR department as a partnership. It means that we have to go step by step with the business and even anticipate its needs - said Sylwia Pietrzyk, head of the Millennium Academy Team in the HR Department of Bank Millennium. - We understand the huge scale of the challenges faced by managers due to fast changing business environment. Right now more than ever, one of the most desirable qualities of leaders is the ability to unlearn old strategies and replace them with new ones. We want to develop this competence by promoting self-development using a state-of-the-art, digital training platform. We believe that 15 minutes a day is enough to become a better manager - she added.

At Bank Millennium, development service is used by heads of units, sub-units and teams, regional directors of the Bank's proprietary and franchise networks. The way of using video training and podcasts depends on the individual preferences of each person, whereas the bank tries to support them by motivating and encouraging their continuous development.

- - service gives access to knowledge and experience of the best Polish and foreign coaches. Our experience and information from the World Economic Forum demonstrate that active learning is becoming a competence of the future, without which people not only cannot develop, but they simply fall behind. Therefore, we use methods and mechanisms known from games, social networking sites and "entertainment" platforms such as for instance Netflix. We operate in accordance with the idea of "micro learning" and "learntertainment", because in the struggle for time and attention of employees, maintaining commitment and an attractive form of learning are critical. Our activities are to support the company on its way to become a learning organization, i.e. one in which employees at all levels are able to create and acquire knowledge, pass it on to others and modify their behaviour to demonstrate the effects of these changes. What form of development we will offer to employees of the companies we cooperate with can become a real "game changer" - explains Radosław Drzewiecki, originator and co-founder of Leanovatica, chairman of Leanpassion Group. - We ensure that our users continuously develop and improve their skills every day. New development series appear even several times a month.

Training in the form of short videos and podcasts is available on all the devices supporting web browsers and offering network access, also on mobile phones. The complete mobile app is available at App Store and Google Play.

* The data come from "World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2020" prepared by the World Economic Forum: otwiera się w nowym oknie

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