Published May 15, 2023

Sarasota, FL – Alcohol is one of the most commonly used and misused substances in the United States today. Clean Recovery Center in Sarasota has been working with the public to bring awareness to the dangerous outcomes of overindulgence. Their latest blog post discusses the potential harms of alcohol poisoning and what to do when it happens.

“The use of alcohol has always been widespread, especially here in Florida during spring break,” says a Clean Recovery Centers representative. “With 4 million people reporting binge drinking in 2019, it’s no wonder that emergency room visits are on the rise.”

Alcohol poisoning happens when too much has been consumed and the liver is unable to properly process it in a timely manner. This causes alcohol to build up in the body and take a serious toll on the brain, affecting heart rate and breathing patterns. There is no way to speed up the liver or reduce the amount of alcohol in the body.

The most common signs of alcohol poisoning include confusion, vomiting, clammy skin, low body temperature, difficulties remaining conscious, and slowed responses. In serious cases, seizures can occur. The gag reflex is affected and can stop functioning altogether, increasing the risk of choking while vomiting.

“Knowing the signs is half the battle. By educating the public on these symptoms, we hope to encourage more people to seek medical help if alcohol poisoning is suspected. Six people die every day due to alcohol poisoning, and our goal is to reduce that number however we can,” continued the representative.

When alcohol poisoning occurs, there are key steps to provide aid until help arrives. Never leave the person alone, they may try to walk or leave the area resulting in injury from falls. If they are losing consciousness, lay them on their side in order to keep the airway open. When medical personnel arrive, be honest about how much the person has consumed and if any other substances were taken. This will give them all the information needed to go forward with effective treatment.

Cold showers and coffee are not going to help reduce the alcohol level within the body. Also, never try to make the person go for a walk. This does not help with alcohol processing and risks injury. Seek help if the second symptoms are suspected; do not wait for them to get worse.

Clean Recovery Center in Sarasota has been helping people to get clean, live clean, and stay clean and has many locations along the Suncoast of Florida. For those seeking treatment for alcohol use disorder, their unique three-phase program is an excellent fit. They offer different types of therapy, wellness programming, and mental health resources.

Alcohol use disorder can present in many ways, and experiencing alcohol poisoning can be a key sign. For those thinking about treatment options or wanting to learn more, Clean Recovery Centers can be reached at (888) 330-2532 or via their website. They are available any time of the day to answer questions and address concerns.


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