Be Patient

“Pilates is based around several core principles – breath, concentration, precision, control, flow and centring. What makes Pilates so incredible and effective is the repetition of these principles as well as the repetition of similar exercises, which allow the body to learn and build strength from the inside out. Joseph Pilates – the founder of Pilates – highlighted that we must work from the core, which is where all our power and movement comes from. When it does, you get an effective workout as you are stronger and more connected. If you nail this concept, you’ll build a stronger, more resilient body over time.”

Opt For Classical Pilates

“There are many Pilates practices out there; if you’re a beginner it can be tricky to know where to start. Ideally look for an instructor trained in classical Pilates. Joseph Pilates designed the method to encompass various pieces of apparatus, so if an instructor doesn’t know how to use something, you’re missing a huge part of the jigsaw.”

Do It For Life

“Pilates is a lifetime practice. Think of it like a video game: to unlock a level, you must first understand and complete the level before. Success comes from understanding how the exercises work and the connections between them. You can see significant changes immediately after starting, and this is how the practice is able to keep giving when you are 70, if you’ve suffered an injury, or after you’ve had a baby. The fact Pilates is so efficient throughout all stages of life is the reason it’s so sought after. In fact, Pilates has built me back several times – after slipping a disc when I was 15, a serious car accident in my 20s and surviving the 2004 tsunami.”

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