Steam inhalation is a most-recommended home remedy to treat cold, flu, sinus or congestion. Although, its a temporary process but a right procedure should be followed for a better treatment.

Steam Inhalation: What is The Correct Way to Inhale Steam at Home? Expert Shares Tips
Steam Inhalation: What is The Correct Way to Inhale Steam at Home? Expert Shares Tips

Steam inhalation is the most popular home remedy used to soothe and open the nasal passages and get away from the symptoms of cold or sinus infection. People usually suggest opting for steam therapy when suffering from cold or chest congestion. As, it may help relieve symptoms of inflamed, swollen blood vessels in your nasal passage. Although, it may not actually cure symptoms of cold and flu, but can actually make you feel better.

Benefits of Steam Therapy:

Steam inhalation may provide some temporary relief from the symptoms of:

  • the common cold
  • the flu (influenza)
  • sinus infections (infectious sinusitis)
  • bronchitis
  • nasal allergies

However, it may only provide you relief temporarily and may ease the feelings of irritation and swollen blood vessels in the nasal passages. This may allow breathing to return to normal, at least for a short period of time.

How to Inhale Steam at Home?

Dr Sheetal Radia, ENT & Head Neck Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road shares benefits and a correct way to take steam at home.

  • Boil water and then pour it into the large bowl. Place the towel over your head and start the timer.
  • Close your eyes and gradually lower your head toward the hot water, maintaining a distance of about 14 inches.
  • Take slow, deep breaths through your nose for at least two to five minutes.
  • Do not exceed 15 minutes per session, but you can repeat this process up to three times daily if symptoms such as stuffy, runny nose, and congestion persist.

Here is another way to take steam

An electric steam inhaler or a vaporizer, can be bought either online or from a drugstore. To use it, simply add water to the indicated level and plug in the device. The vaporizer utilizes electricity in order to produce steam, which then cools down before being released from the machine. Take steam as directed by the doctor and you will surely be able to get rid of a runny and stuffy nose.

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