A new medical device that automates at breath any manual inhaler

An Italian-based startup in Parma, Respira, is set to launch its new medical device designed to optimize drug supply, intensify lung deposition and increase compliance. The device, also named “Respira,” will be used to easily automate at breath any manual inhaler, facilitating its application. The company is prepared to kick off its first funding campaign to get sufficient funds needed to launch this unique product in Europe and the USA at the beginning of 2025.

In a recent report, it was discovered that over 500 million people across the world currently suffer from respiratory diseases (asthma and COPD). While 80% of them take spray drugs, their inhalers demand proper coordination between the hand and breath. However, most people, both old and young, are not skilled in synchronizing between the Inhalation and compression of the inhaler. This increases the rate of non-compliance, leading to the ineffectiveness of the medication.

To curb this situation and improve patients’ health, Respira is creating an Assisted Inhaling Device (AID) that will instantly turn each manual inhaler into a breath-activated device. The device will be designed in a way that it can accommodate any spray inhaler. Users will just need to use the device’s mouthpiece to inhale a sufficient dosage. The new device will facilitate compliance rates and generate huge savings for national healthcare systems.

Respira is founded by Allessandro Guglietta, who has received an international patent for his innovative technology. He is a finance manager with over 10 years of experience in international healthcare companies. Along with a team of experts, including designers, engineers, doctors, and marketers, he will pull off a great team to ensure the company’s success. 

“This device eliminates the need for coordination and could greatly increase therapeutic adherence and people’s health, generating large savings for the national health service,” said Allessandro Guglietta, CEO of Respira.

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