My new cat tested positive for giardia in his fecal sample. I picked up the meds and the vet realized they gave the wrong dosage - originally it was 1.4 ml of liquid metronidazole twice a day. They then called and said it was really 0.4 ml twice per day. They said I could just use up the bottle.

I read online it's typically treated in 5 to 7 days, so after 5 days, I noticed that Kirby's stool were more solid, so I took him out of quarantine after doing one last disinfection of his litter box and room. Please note, the vet never even said that I needed to quarantine the cats or even put my resident cat Sango on the meds - her stools have been fine thankfully.

However, I have noticed there's a ton more meds left and I called the vet and they are insisting that I keep him on the meds until his stools are completely solid. I read that diarrhea is a side effect of Metronidazole. His stools are still a bit soft on some days but not liquid or mucus like they were with giardia. And there's definitely no nasty rot smell!

I am noticing that on the meds, Kirby is acting so hungry - he eats a whole 3 oz. can and still wants more food! I've been trying to introduce him to my resident cat Sango and every chance he gets, he keeps pouncing on her. Before the meds, he was a bit playful, but he's acting like a huge jerk now. I don't know if he's just hangry or if the meds are just making him aggressive.

I'm at a point where I want to switch vets but just about every place has a waiting list. Has anyone ever seen these side effects with Metronidazole? Should I keep continuing with meds as the vet suggested?


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