Off-duty police officers stepped up to help a North Carolina family after their baby stopped breathing.

Kara Kiscaden said it was the scariest moment of her life when her 19-month-old daughter Josie stopped breathing.

"You know, I'm just screaming, frantic," Kiscaden said. "We tried to listen, do what the 911 operator said. We tried CPR, but she actually had a pulse. Thank God. So we realized she just wasn't breathing. She was turning blue."

Kiscaden said it was a normal day until her dad was holding Josie around dinner time and started to notice that something wasn't right.

Her husband was at a nearby grocery store when he ran into off-duty Leland police officer Joseph Benson.

"While we were running in here to check on her and figure, you know, everything out, I guess my husband had called while all of this was transpiring. He was on the line listening to what was going on here and he was at the Food Lion up the road," Kiscaden said.

"He told me his daughter was not breathing and at that point I knew he wouldn't be able to drive anywhere," Benson said. "So I told him to get in my truck."

As Benson drove him home, another officer, Tyler Macelroy, heard the call over the radio. Even though his shift was over, he was nearby and knew he had to respond.

"I got two babies of my own that had some issues initially, so I kind of knew that can be a difficult situation to deal with," he said.

Shortly after he got to the house, baby Josie started to breathe again, but Macelroy kept checking on Josie until her dad and EMS arrived.

"So a lot of times just being present in that moment kind of helped the family and everything," Macelroy said.

Kiscaden said her family is still shaken up from their daughter's seizure, but officers Benson and Macelroy made a world of a difference in comforting them and making sure everyone was okay.

"Well the timing was just incredible," Kiscaden said. "The people were where they needed to be. The officer that was so close ... to respond so quickly ... There are good people and we're just, we feel really good to know that we're somewhere where these officers are ... they're just selfless and I can't say enough good things about them. I really can't. We're so thankful."

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