A Swiss man ended up in intensive care unit (ICU) with a lung injury after an aggressive masturbation session. 

According to a medical case report published in Radiology Case Reports, the unnamed 20-year-old man was recently hospitalized after experiencing a shortness of breath and crunching pain throughout his body.

Man was left in ICU after masturbating too hard
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He rushed himself to Cantonal Hospital, in the city of Winterthur, where doctors immediately diagnosed him with spontaneous pneumomediastinum (SPM) - a rare, benign disease that occurs when air leaks from the lungs and becomes lodged in the ribcage.

While the medics are not sure how the injury occurred, but they noted it is rare and generally affects young men in their 20s.

Additionally, doctors found profound subcutaneous emphysema as the cause of his swollen face and crunching noises in his body. This is when air becomes trapped in between tissue in the body.

He ended up in ICU.
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The man was then rushed into the ICU, where he was administered oxygen to help with his breathing.

He was also given the analgesic paracetamol to deal with his chest pain, and antibiotics to fend off a possible infection, as per the journal study.

When his condition improved overnight he was moved to a general ward, where he stayed for three days before being discharged in good health.

"Predisposing factors are history of smoking, acute asthma and recreational drug use (especially cocaine and heroin). Except for history of mild, non-acute asthma no inciting factors were noticed in our patient," the report said. 

The patient is the first to suffer spontaneous pneumomediastinum after masturbating.
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This is the first time a case of spontaneous pneumomediastinum has been documented associated with masturbation. Although there have been documented cases after sex or using the recreational drug - ecstasy.

Last year, a Japanese man almost died from masturbating after he suffered a life-threatening stroke just moments after ejaculating.   

According to a medical case report published last year in the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, the unnamed 51-year-old man was said to have been in the habit of masturbating several times a day.  

Unfortunately, one day his habit led to a potentially deadly subarachnoid haemorrhage - when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. 

The man, who wasn't named, immediately suffered intense headaches after climaxing, which later led to vomiting.  

Concerned about his well-being, the man took himself to the Nagoya City University Hospital where medics ran a series of tests.  They found he had low blood pressure and was confused. 

A CT scan confirmed the man’s diagnosis and he was treated in hospital. He luckily survived and was discharged after nearly two weeks in the hospital in an “excellent” condition. 

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