return to growing the epidemic curve of influenza among children and young people in Lombardy. The incidence, now for three weeks, is less than 9 cases per thousand inhabitants but, in the first week of February, a slight increase in viral circulation was noted among the little ones, 0-4 years, and among the minors in the 4-14 range. In the first case the rate was 30.6 per thousandlast week it was 28.24, the more marked rise among the older children who touched the 11.5 cases per thousand inhabitants (it was 9 per thousand). Nothing to do, however, with the peaks of early December.

The rates among the adult population are stable: 8 per thousand in the 15-64 range and 3.8 per thousand in the over 65s. The average is almost 9 cases per thousand assisted (8.95) it was 9.37 in the previous survey.

However, the viral trend in Italy remains low, with the incidence reaching 8 cases per thousand assisted. Even at a national level, it is the youngest who become infected, 25 per thousand, but a very slight decrease compared to the previous week.

The viruses in circulation are still those influenza, respiratory syncytial virus and Sars CoV2. §In the fifth week of 2023, the estimated cases of flu-like syndrome, compared to the entire Italian population, are approximately 489,000, for a total of about 9,640,000 cases since the start of surveillance.

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