By Express News Service

BENGALURU: With an intent to help newborns and infants with complex airway and swallowing disorders after tracheostomy surgery, the Children’s Airway & Swallowing Centre (CASC) at Manipal Hospitals launched a first-of-its-kind Paediatric Airway & Tracheostomy Safety (PATS) module. The module, designed for recovery at home, is approved by the WHO.

This is the only interdisciplinary centre in the whole of Asia and Africa for the surgery where tracheostomy (hole in the windpipe made in the neck) to help children diagnosed with airway and swallowing issues is performed. PATS is a guide for medical professionals attending to patients with tracheostomy.

Dr EV Raman, Director – CASC, said, “A tracheostomy bypasses airway obstruction and is a life-saving procedure. Maintenance of tracheostomy is burdensome as it requires frequent suction and the child loses its voice. This results in parents losing morale, and being financially stretched,” explained Dr Raman.

They face various difficulties  in getting the child back to normal breathing and eating. CASC’s PATS is another step for children of ICUs to return to their homes, schools and playgrounds.  

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