Seasonal allergy coughing, runny nose and headaches can be the worst. Preventing allergies can feel impossible, but there are simple ways you can treat your allergies during your nighttime routine. Ashley Bauer, MD, otolaryngology specialist at MercyOne Clive ENT Care gives her tips about dealing with spring pollen.

1. Shower at night

Allergens like dust and pollen collects on your skin and clothes during the day. Breathing these in while you sleep can cause symptoms to worsen during the night. A hot shower before bedtime can decrease irritation and calm the allergic reaction.

2. Wash your hair

Your natural oils are a magnet for particles of pollen and dust. These allergens can get to your pillow from your head. Washing your hair at night can help reduce exposure to allergens. A daily shampoo or thorough rinse will send pollen down the drain.

3. Wrap up your hair

Sometimes, everyday showers aren’t realistic. People with dry skin or curly hair still have options. 

“Wrapping your hair is a great option to prevent exposure to allergens while you sleep,” said Dr. Bauer. “Covering your hair prevents particles from getting into the air or on your bed.”

4. Wash and dry your clothes

Allergens can also enter your home on your clothes. Make sure to wash clothes you have worn outside and dry clothes inside your house.

If your allergy symptoms persist or worsen, talk with your primary care provider about other treatment options.

Improve your sleep hygiene

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