New Delhi, December 24

The Center on Friday said the drug Remdesivir should be used only in patients with ‘moderate to severe’ COVID-19 and patients with kidney or liver dysfunction within 10 days of the onset of any symptoms.

It also warned against the use of the drug in patients who are not on oxygen support or in a home setting.

According to the clinical guidelines issued by the Union Health Ministry for the management of infections in adult patients, remdesivir is recommended for use in “patients with moderate to severe COVID-19 and in patients with renal or hepatic dysfunction within 10 days of onset.” of any symptoms”.

As per the guidelines, the use of Tocilizumab may be considered in the presence of critical illness (preferably within 24 to 48 hours of critical illness/ICU admission).

Tocilizumab may be used in case of significantly increased inflammatory markers (CRP and/or IL-6), the condition is not improving despite steroid use and there is no active bacterial/fungal/tuberculosis infection .

The ministry also said that people over the age of 60, are at higher risk for serious illness and mortality in heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other immunocompromised states.

As per the guidelines, coronavirus patients have been classified into those affected by mild, moderate and severe illness.

He said that for mild illness, home isolation and care is recommended, while admission to a ward is recommended for those with moderate illness and for patients with severe COVID-19. ICU is recommended. PTI

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