A team of University of Miami researchers compared fatality rates for COVID-19 patients who took ivermectin and those who took remdesivir and found the ivermectin cohort experienced reduced mortality.

“Ivermectin use was associated with decreased mortality in patients with COVID-19 compared to remdesivir,” the authors wrote.

Ivermectin vs. Remdesivir

Ivermectin has been discouraged as an early treatment option by the United States Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and other public health authorities, while remdesivir has been endorsed by those same authorities.

“To our knowledge, this is the largest association study of patients with COVID-19, mortality and ivermectin,” said the authors. “Further double-blinded placebo-controlled [random controlled trials] with large samples are required for definite conclusion.”

University of Miami Research Team

The researchers included medical student Iakov Efimenko, medical student Sirpi Nackeeran, Sinan K. Jabori, MD, Associate Program Director of the Infectious Disease Fellowship Jose Gonzalez Zamora, MD; Sara Danker, MD, and Devinder Singh, MD, all of whom are affiliated with University of Miami’s Mi...

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