University Hospitals is joining Cleveland Clinic and MetroHealth in launching a COVID-19 Recovery Clinic, designed to help those who suffer from long term symptoms.

“Long Haul Syndrome” can affect many areas of the body and can last for weeks or months after the initial virus infects the patient. Dr. David Rosenberg is the director of the clinic.

UH opens COVID-19 clinic for long haul syndrome

Dr. David Rosenberg estimates it affects 20%-30% of patients.

“Generally the patients that have continued symptoms are the ones we’re most concerned about. You look at these different individuals that have acute COVID, probably 20-30% of individuals can have long term manifestations.”

The clinic will be located at UH Ahuja Medical Center in Beachwood. They will offer both in-person and virtual care to patients. To make an appointment call 216-859-5032.

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