As Covid-19 continues to overwhelm India in the second wave, India and its health system are now at a critical moment. With a staggering wave of infections, new Covid-19 variants, and a deadly cyclone, the current crisis is far from over, and the weeks ahead will be some of the most challenging India has seen throughout this pandemic. Until vaccinations are administered widely, testing and tracing are essential tools to aid in the effective management and adaptation of public health response.   

As we have learned throughout this pandemic, none of us can fight this virus alone. From October 2020 to April 2021, The Rockefeller Foundation convened and worked closely with an expert advisory group to create a strategic roadmap for testing and tracing. “The Road Ahead for Smart COVID-19 Testing and Tracing in India” aims to share comprehensive recommendations to fight the current wave as well as future waves with equitable, cost-effective, and scalable tactics.

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