The Detroit Institute of Arts is shutting down for the next week, following a surge of new COVID-19 cases in the state, including three among people working at the museum.

The museum will close Saturday and reopen on April 2.

“We have no evidence at this point that the affected staff were exposed while at the museum,” Executive Director of Marketing and Communications Christine Kloostra said Friday evening.

“We made the decision to temporarily close out of an abundance of caution.”

“With the current surge in cases and the spread of variants, it was prudent of us to take proactive measures to protect our staff and visitors,” she said.

Kloostra said the closure is voluntary, and the DIA does not foresee any imminent direction from the state as a result of the rising cases in the state.

The DIA on Friday reported on its website, per state requirements, that two employees had been confirmed to have COVID-19. Those reports followed a Thursday report from the DIA of someone working at the museum contracting the virus.

After contract tracing, the DIA determined one employee had no contact with visitors and no close contact with staff. While the other had not come in contact with visitors, that person had come in contact with other employees who were notified and instructed to quarantine, the museum said.

The third person working at the museum had no close contact with others, the DIA said.

The closure is not for additional sanitization procedures, Kloostra said, noting the museum is adhering to the standard santitizing protocols that has had in place have all along.

“We’re seeing a surge in the region and the state, and we’re being cautious for our visitors and our staff,” she said.


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