17 of the 165 test results received since Friday by the Sheboygan County Division of Public Health have returned positive results for COVID-19, raising the running total in Sheboygan County to 13,739 cases.  With 28 recoveries noted in the same time, the active case count here fell by 11 to 114, the lowest since 112 were noted on September 16th, 2020.  1 fewer person was hospitalized than on Friday with a county patient population of 3.

Since Friday, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services added another 1,038 confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection, 205 of those on Monday, raising the running total to 603,303.  And although no deaths were reported on Monday, 20 were added over the weekend, raising the toll to 6,904.  23 more persons were hospitalized, and a net gain of 6 put the state’s COVID patient population at 322.  96 of those were in ICU beds, and 365 ventilators were in use.

Vaccination rates have continued to decline both statewide and in Sheboygan County.  3,670 doses were administered here during the week of May 2nd, and 49,283 county residents have received at least one dose of vaccine.  37.2% of the county’s population, amounting to 42,868, have been fully vaccinated.

In an effort to educate the population on the risks and prevention of infections among children, the Sheboygan County DPH today included a link to resources for parents and guardians within its daily update.  The page includes information about “multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children”, or MIS-C, the elevated risks involving babies under 1 year of age, steps that can be taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 in children, and a list of resources and materials to support a family’s health and well-being during the pandemic.  That page can be accessed at www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19/parents.htm


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